In accordance with standard accounting practices, Axonaut offers different ways to amend an invoice depending on invoicing order.

  • the most recent invoice to be emitted from your account can be deleted.

  • for all other invoices, it is preferable to create a credit note instead. A credit note is an accounting document that documents refunds or cancellations, so you can preserve an audit trail while correcting sales.

How to delete an invoice in Axonaut.

1/ In Overview, select Invoices.

2/ Click the Edit button next to the most recent invoice.

3/ Next, select 'Edit invoice' as shown below.

4/ In the invoice editor, click Delete (the trash bin icon). Then, Yes to confirm.

That's it!

Note: While deleted invoices are removed from your account, the user activity is archived as a security measure.

If you have questions about deleting invoices or would like to consult one of our team members regarding an invoicing error, we're here for you! Reach out at

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