I- Marketing campaigns on Axonaut

On your Axonaut account, it will be possible to carry out marketing campaigns:

  • Emails

  • SMS

  • Mail

1) Emailing

Before launching out on your emailing campaigns, you must first configure your mailing server. For this, nothing could be simpler by connecting your emailing tool (Mailjet, Mailchimp, SenInBlue ...) with Axonaut from this interface: https://axonaut.com/account/settings/emailagenda

You must enter "Your own SMTP server" or "Mailjet"

Once done, you can start planning your campaign!

The content of your email

Axonaut allows you to indicate:

  • The name of your campaign

  • The sender (user of your Axonaut account)

  • The subject / subject of your email

  • A document in PJ

It will then suffice to fill in the information in the content as desired.

The recipients

Axonaut allows you to filter the prospects / customers to whom you will send the email. Several filters are available for this:

  • Types: prospects, customers, both

  • Categories

  • Postal code

  • City

  • Country

  • Your custom fields

  • The number of recipients will automatically update.

  • The time and date of dispatch

To allow you to personalize your campaigns, Axonaut allows you to choose the date and time of sending your emailing campaign.

You can then save the campaign as a draft or send it directly!

2) SMS

You have nothing to configure 😀 The SMS sending tool is integrated into Axonaut.

As for emailing, you just have to fill in the content of your SMS, choose / filter the prospects / customers you want to contact.

Axonaut is responsible for sending your campaign on the date and time selected.

3) Mails

This functionality is under development with the technical team. We will come back to you soon!

II- Statistics of your campaigns

Everything that cannot be measured, does not improve 😀 This is why Axonaut provides you with statistics on all the campaigns sent from your account.

Of course, if you have any questions or need help, don't hesitate to contact us via the chat at the bottom right of your screen 😉

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