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How do I manage templates in Axonaut?
How do I manage templates in Axonaut?
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By creating templates in Axonaut, you’ll save time sending emails and more.

Axonaut is the tool that helps you save time managing your business. One time-saving feature we designed is task automation, featuring templates for documents, emails, signatures and activities. Here's how to manage templates in Axonaut:

To access template configuration in your account, just click on the following address:

Templates available in Axonaut

  • To-do list:

You can create a to-do list using the following address:

  • Comments:

Configure your comments using this interface:

  • Email and letter templates:

As you already know, you’re able to send emails and letters from your Axonaut account. To configure them in advance, visit this section:

  • Mailing / reminder templates for invoices:

To save time sending your invoices and payment reminders, you can configure emails and texts from this interface:

  • Template for quotes:

As with invoices, you can configure your template via this address:

  • Configure your email signature:

You can configure your email signature, as well as your colleagues’, via this interface:

Questions? Need help? We’re here for you! Just reach out to us via the button at the bottom right of your screen.

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