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The Overview Menu of your Axonaut account will mainly be used to manage your Cash, Statistics and the Accounting section! Accessible only to Account Administrators, this secures your data.

I- Administrative

1) Invoices to be issued

If you anticipate invoices in the future like forecasts, subscriptions, this interface will allow you to easily edit invoices on the scheduled date.

2) Expenses report to validate

Axonaut allows you to edit for yourself and / or employees, expense reports and mileage allowances. When editing the expense and mileage allowance by your employees, a notification is sent to allow validation and payment of the latter.

3) Planned Expenses to validate

As with recurring invoices, you can plan expenses that will be paid in the future. A real management tool, Axonaut allows you to monitor your cash flow in real time. You will find on this interface, the planned expenses.

II- Stats Revenues/Expenses

This specific interface will inform you about several important statistics of your business:

  • Revenues / Expenses: comparison of expenses and receipts compared to dates
  • Expenses: you can categorize your expenses and thus have the different shares. What are my biggest expenses?
  • Turnover by product / service: same as for expenses but with receipts. by categorizing your products / services, you can see which positions bring you the most
  • Turnover by customers: You will be able to see on this interface which categories of customer bring you the most turnover and more specifically, which customers.
Pre-tax Incomes / Expenses table

III- Business stats

Do you manage day-to-day salespeople? Do you want to know where they are in relation to objectives?

The commercial statistics interface will provide you with the answers.

  • New sales by sales rep: you can follow in real time, the new sales of your salespeople as well as the quantities sold
  • Sales by sales rep:

IV- Invoices

One of the most important interfaces in your daily management. It brings together all the Invoices, Expenses, Bank reconciliation, Operations and an EDM space for your documents (k-bis ...)

1) Sales

This part groups together all the invoices you have issued for your customers. You will be able :

  • Sort on specific invoices
  • Declare a payment (partial or full) on an invoice
  • Export a selection or all of the invoices from the page in the desired accounting format (Axonaut allows export to all existing accounting software) Sage, EBP, Quadratus, CEGID ...

2) Expenses/Purchases

Same screen as for the "Sales" part but this time concerning your charges. You will be able :

  • Sorting on specific expenses
  • Report a payment (partial or full) on an expense
  • Export a selection or all of the page's expenses in the desired accounting format (Axonaut allows export to all existing accounting software) Sage, EBP, Quadratus, CEGID ...
  • Modify expense

3) Bank Reconciliation

Connect your professional bank account and benefit from automation in accounting management ... Attractive, isn't it? Possible with Axonaut.

For that you just have to connect your bank account via the following interface: https://axonaut.com/accounting/dashboard/9/to > Bank Reconciliation > Connect new bank

4) EDM

Finally, an Electronic Document Management (EDM) section is available in the section reserved for Administrators to store important documents such as Taxes, etc.

For any further questions, do not hesitate to come back to us via the live chat at the bottom right 😉

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