Discover the power of Axonaut CRM and all the functionalities!

I- The calendar

It is possible to synchronize your Axonaut Calendar with your Calendars 😀

  • GoogleAgenda
  • MicrosoftAgenda

To do this, go to the following interface:

Find all your appointments, notifications on your Axonaut account:

Appointment, to do, forgotten appointment ...

II- The directory

In this Axonaut nail, you will find all of your database. All Contacts, Prospects, Customers are centralized!

  • Contacts: individuals listed without distinction
  • Prospects
  • Clients
  • Map: prospects, geolocated customers. Ideal for field sales people!

1) The cards

To find all the information specific to a prospect / client, you can go to their file. You will have :

  • The address
  • The account manager
  • The turnover generated for this client

  • Company contacts: first name, last name, telephone, e-mail address

You can easily add a contact with "+"

  • Current quotations, contracts and invoices
  • Documents
  • Events (email, appointment, call)

2) Map

You can also find your prospects / customers on a map in real time. They are geolocated to allow you a better follow-up.

III- Opportunities

Axonaut is your CRM that supports you in daily management. With the directory and customer files, you will be able to better manage the commercial part.

In addition, you can use Opportunities. This visual table will represent your opportunities, commercial business according to stages. You configure them upstream so that they correspond to your activity and you will only have to move them according to the progress.

IV- Quotes & Contracts

For this substantial and very important part, we have written a detailed article on the subject:

How it works ? Quotes & Orders

V- Product List

As the name suggests, the Product List will group together all of the products and services that you sell. You will find the following information in tabular form:

  • The reference
  • The wording
  • The price excluding tax
  • The cost price
  • Margin
  • The turnover generated
  • The quantities sold

You can easily add a new product / service by clicking on "Add a new product" and fill in the requested information.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us 😀

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