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Get started with – Business

Unleash the power of Axonaut! Sync your calendars, organize your contacts, manage your sales funnel and more

I- Calendar

The Axonaut calendar syncs with your other calendards:

  • Google Calendar

  • Microsoft Calendar

In one simple step, all of your existing meeting, reminders and other notifications, will be added to your Axonaut account!

II- Directory

The Directory acts as one centralized database for all of your contacts, prospects and customers.

What’s more, there’s even an interactive map that shows you where each of them is located. A great tool for field sales reps!

1) Contact files

Each of your contacts has their own file in Axonaut, where you can find:

  • Their address and contact information

  • The account manager

  • The total revenue generated, where applicable

Just click on “+” to add a new contact:

  • Current quotations, contracts and invoices

  • Documents

  • Events (email, appointment, call)

2) Map

View your prospects / cutomers on a map in real time. Each one is geolocated, for more efficient follow-up

III- Opportunities

Axonaut is the CRM that streamlines your daily operations. With customer and supplier files so easy to manage, optimizing your sales is a snap.

Opportunities is another great feature. This visual table displays each of your opportunities according to stages. Arrange them upstream so that they correspond to your activity, then simply drag and drop each one as you move it through the funnel.

IV- Quotes & POs

To get to know all the features of our Quotes & POs section, visit:

How it works ? Quotes & Orders

V- Products & Services

As the name suggests, this section groups together all of the products and services that you sell. For each item, you’ll be able to see the:

  • Reference code

  • Name

  • Image

  • Unit price

  • Job costing

  • Margin

  • Revenue generated

  • Unit sold

New product or service to add? Simply click on the blue ‘Add a product/service’ button and fill in details.

Questions? We’re here to help! 😀