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How to import your contacts into Axonaut

Discover how to perform a bulk import of external contacts and organizations.

Just getting started with Axonaut? Don’t lose time on manual data entry!

It is possible to import existing contacts (stored in spreadsheets or other platforms) into Axonaut using templates.

This process is > 10 min and well worth it. Once added, all of your leads, customers and suppliers will appear in the directory interface. Say hello to better contact management! As you’ll discover shortly, Axonaut’s directory helps your business centralize, organize and interact with contacts more efficiently. First things first though, let’s begin importing!

1. First, go to Settings in the top right, then Import.

2. Then, download a template file.

Click, ‘Templates & Help‘. Please read the instructions carefully and use the template for a stress-free upload.

3. Prepare contact data for import.

Using the template as a guide, create a file (.csv, .tsv, .xls, .xlsx or .xml) with all the customer data you wish to upload into Axonaut. The key is to use the columns provided by Axonaut can it can sort the information correctly. Don’t worry if you make a mistake, you’ll be able to clean up or remove any corrupted data before finalizing your report.

4. Once your file is ready, go to ‘Choose the data to import’ and click ‘Contacts’ then ‘Upload data from file’.

Once you’ve imported existing contacts, it’s time to get to work!

Send quotes & invoices, track pipelines, add internal notes, centralize customer support requests, schedule meetings, segment into lists for email campaigns and more.

So, you’ve imported all of your old contacts. What about adding new contacts?

Moving forward, it’s easy to add new contacts:

  • from the dashboard
  • on-the-go with the Axonaut app
  • or automatically trigger the creation of new contacts via an API connection

If you have questions about adding contacts or would like to consult one of our team members regarding an import error, we’re here for you! Reach out at support@axonaut.com.