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How to Sync Your Outlook (Microsoft 365) Calendar with Axonaut

Connect your Outlook Calendar in two clicks.

Each Axonaut user has their own calendar feature (located under the Business tab). The calendar is a helpful overview of the meetings, calls and follow-ups you’ve scheduled within the CRM. It is possible to connect your Axonaut calendar with your Outlook Calendar (or Google Calendar) so that the events from Axonaut appear in your Outlook Calendar and vice-versa.

To sync your calendars, follow these simple steps.

1/ In your Axonaut account, click on Settings in the top right. Next, select My Profile.

2/ Under Synchronize your calendar, click Connect with Microsoft.

You will be asked to confirm your Outlook email address.

3/ Remember to check Yes to activate the synchronization.

You’re done!

Connecting your Outlook Calendar with Axonaut is that simple. Anytime you would like to reset the calendar, simply return to My Profile and select ‘Reset my Office Calendar Synchronization‘.

Please allow up to one hour for the configuration to take effect.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require additional assistance!