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How to connect Mailjet with Axonaut

Launch large-scale email campaigns and send newsletters directly from your CRM using an SMTP relay.

Need to send emails in bulk? Connecting Axonaut with a mass-mailing service, such as Mailjet, allows you to launch large-scale email campaigns and send newsletters directly from the CRM. While it will always be possible to send emails in Axonaut without such an integration, connecting with mass-mailing services like Mailjet can

  • boost deliverability rates, your mass mailings are less likely to be marked a spam.

  • lower costs. If you launch a mass mailing in Axonaut without connecting your professional email, SMTP server rates apply.

Axonaut is compatible with many different mass-mailing services. If Mailjet is the mail service you prefer, let’s get started!

1/ Create a Mailjet account.

To use Mailjet’s services, you need to create a free Mailjet account. If you already have a Mailjet account, simply log in.

Once you’ve created an account, select “Developer“. Then, “SMTP relay“.

Mailjet will then provide you with a SMTP Username and Password. Please note these down carefully.

2/ Add your email senders.

Next, from the Dashboard of your Mailjet account, click “Manage sender addresses“.

Then, for each Axonaut user, click on “Add a sender address“.

Note: the sender address must use the same email used to sign up for the Axonaut account. Otherwise the relay will not work for that Axonaut user.

3/ Authenticate the domain.

Warning: do not skip this step or your emails will go to the spam folder!

From the Mailjet Dashboard, click on “Setup domain authentication“.

Mailjet has a comprehensive article about authentication that can be found here: https://app.mailjet.com/docs/spf-dkim-guide. Follow the outlined steps until everything is green.

4/ Enter your SMTP credentials in Axonaut.

Log into your Axonaut account, click on Settings in the top right and proceed to the ‘Email Sync‘ tab. Scroll to the section, ‘Sending emails from Axonaut‘ as indicated in the screenshot.

Choose “Mailjet” in the drop-down menu of email providers, then enter the information provided by Mailjet in step 1.

You’re done!

The setup is now complete, and you can finally send that newsletter.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require additional assistance.