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How to create an email signature in Axonaut

Sending emails from Axonaut? Personalize your signature with text and images to add a professional touch.

You can create your own e-mail signature in Axonaut in a couple of clicks. Here’s how:

1/ In your Axonaut account, go to Settings in the top right. Next, select My Profile. Then, click ‘Modify your signature’.

2/ Next, personalize your e-mail signature.

You can copy and paste from your work email or simply create your own.

Note: if you’d like to add an image, you must first upload the image to the internet (so it has a link). Then in the signature builder, click ‘View’ then ‘Source Code’ to insert the image. You must paste the image link with the following HTML code:

<img src = “your image link” alt = “Image signature”>

3/ Remember to click Save. Send a quick test email. You’re done!

4/ Optional step: Templates.

If you’d like to set standardized, dynamic signatures for multiple Axonaut users at once, we offer templates. Once a template is set up, all the employee has to do is check Yes to Use the company signature. Templates guarantee uniformity. What’s more, the signature will automatically adjust if the employee updates a criteria in their Axonaut profile, (i.e. their job title or phone number), thanks to the dynamic fields.

To set up a signature template in your Axonaut account, go to Settings in the top right. Next, select Templates. Then, click ‘Signature’.

Now you can use the dynamic fields to set a standardized email signature for your employees. It will autofill with the criteria they set in their ‘My Profile’ tab.

Here’s a standard example:

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require additional assistance!

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