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How to Sync Microsoft 365 / Outlook with Axonaut

Automatically log incoming & outgoing emails in Axonaut with email synchronization.

Syncing (or routing) your work email into Axonaut is a one-time setup that takes > 2 min. With email sync, incoming and outgoing emails to contacts will be copied into the Events section of the person’s file in your contact directory.

This essential pairing allows the CRM to display up-to-date customer files, which is useful for

  • Maintaining a clear record of your exchanges with a customer, lead or supplier.

  • All team members can be in the loop on communications, without having to be in a messy email chain.

Let’s get started!

1/ Connect to the Microsoft 365 account you use to log into Axonaut (https://login.microsoftonline.com). Open the Management Panel. On the lower left, select Exchange.

From the management panel, the Exchange tab is located under ‘Admin Centers‘.

IMPORTANT: In order to sync your Microsoft 365 / Outlook email with Axonaut, you must use a professional domain (meaning your email doesn’t end in @outlook.com), you must be the administrator of that Microsoft 365 account and the email address must be the same email address you use to log into Axonaut.

2/ In the Exchange Admin Center, select Mail Flow to add a rule.

In “Mail Flow“, go to rules, then the “+” button to add a rule.

3/ Configure the rule.

To configure the rule settings, fill in the form as shown below and use the address: in@axonaut.com as the BCC target.

4/ Click on the Save button in the lower right corner.

You’re done!

Your Microsoft 365 account is now ready to be used with Axonaut. All of your emails to and from designated leads, customers and suppliers will appear in Axonaut. Please note: if a contact has not been added to the directory within the CRM, the emails exchanged with that contact will not be routed into Axonaut.

Please allow up to one hour for the configuration to take effect.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require additional assistance!