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Axonaut – Zapier: connect your best software

Discover the Axonaut / Zapier connection to connect your software to each other!

Axonaut is 1 tool to manage all aspects of your business. Zapier is an online tool which allows you to connect 2 software programs between them (Axonaut and GoogleDrive for example).

CRM, Quotation, Invoices, Cash, Accounting, it is Axonaut who manages 😀 However you may need specific tools: Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Trello, Mailjet, Stripe … This is where Zapier supports you to improve the automation of time-consuming tasks.

Axonaut - Zapier connection

What are the possible connections?

Zapier has more than 14,000 connections. You will surely find your happiness.

What can be done at the moment:

1- Triggers

2- Actions

3- Searches

Example: You can quickly:

  • Fill a GoogleDrive file with invoice information for the accountant

  • Send an email automatically to an email address when a quote, an invoice is created

  • Create contacts, prospects, customers from forms.

And many others…

How to connect Axonaut with Zapier?

For those who do not have a Zapier account, you must create it from this interface: here

For the others, you can connect Axonaut and Zapier by following this link: here

If you have questions about use, connection, the Axonaut team is at your disposal via the chat at the bottom right of your screen 😉