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Get started with – Expenses / Suppliers

Manage your suppliers, expenses and orders in real time. Read on to learn more about Axonaut’s handy management features.

Managing expenses is simple with Axonaut! Let’s explore the different functionalities:

I- Suppliers

The”Suppliers” section of the “Expenses / Suppliers” menu centralizes all of your suppliers and related information:

  • Supplier name
  • Contacts
  • Supplier category
  • The recurrent if it is a recurring expense (e.g., rent)
  • The date of the oldest and most current expenses
  • Information about your last exchange (e.g., email, phone call, meeting)

You can add suppliers to your database by simply clicking the “Add a supplier” button

When you select a specific supplier, you will be directed to their “supplier file”. All associated information is centralized here: your exchanges with that supplier, contact details, contacts, orders, documents, etc.

Supplier file in Axonaut

II- Expenses

In this section you’ll find a table displaying all of your expenses, sorted by date. You can filter to quickly search for expenses.

1) Add an expense

To add an expense, simply click on the “Add an expense” button.

Then, just fill in the details:

  • Expense name
  • Supplier
  • Type of expense
  • Expense date
  • The amount including taxes
  • Whether or not it is an expense claim

Looking to streamline the process? Try out our OCR technology. When you download your expenditure details directly, Axonaut assesses them and completes the fields for you! You can export this table in the format of your choice at any time.

III- Orders

Axonaut’s orders feature allows you to create recurring orders / expenses and purchase orders for your suppliers. Here’s how:

1) Recurring orders

Recurring expenses might include things like your phone service, rent, packages, and software. Whenever you add a recurring expense, Axonaut automatically adjusts your cash flow forecast accordingly.

To add a recurring expense, click on “Add a supplier order”. This is what will appear:

To differentiate it from a regular expense, simply select ‘yes’ in the toggle button next to ‘Recurring expense?’ Then indicate the date of the recurring expense.

IV- Expense claims

1) The expense reports

With just a few clicks, Axonaut allows you to create expense claims for yourself and/or your employees.

Click on “Add an expense claim” and enter the information as for an expense. The OCR will save you time.

2) Mileage allowances

You can enter your mileage allowances directly into Axonaut.

  • Enter the starting address
  • Enter the destination address

Axonaut will automatically calculate:

  • The kilometers traveled

Questions? Need help? We’re here for you! Just reach out to us via the chat at the bottom right of your screen.