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How to create a deposit invoice in Axonaut

Request down payments or upfront deposits from customers.

To request a deposit from a customer, simply modify the invoice’s deposit terms. Here’s how:

1/ Create a new invoice.

2/ Add details (customer, products, services, date of emission, due date, etc.)

3/ Next, click the arrow to edit the section, ‘Deposit & balance’.

From the drop-down menu, specify

  • what kind of deposit it is (i.e. ‘first’)

  • the deposit amount (either a percentage amount or a fixed amount).

Recommended: Save time on payment terms & mandatory mentions by creating a template specifically for deposit invoices (Settings > Templates > Invoices).

4/ Click ‘Save & Generate’.

When the total is correct, click the green button so Axonaut will create the invoice. Next, click ‘Send by email‘ to share the PDF with the customer.

Example of an invoice for a down payment of 25%.

Final balance

To invoice the remaining balance, create another invoice and select ‘final balance’.

If you have questions about deposits or would like to consult one of our team members regarding an invoicing error, we’re here for you! Reach out at support@axonaut.com.