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Invoicing in multiple languages with Axonaut.

Create quotes and invoices in +15 languages. Customize the language for specific customers.

Axonaut supports documents in multiple languages, allowing users to auto-generate quotes and invoices in their customer’s language.

For example, if the customer is from Germany, the document language can be set for German. This will not translate user-generated text (for example, the name of the product or your terms & conditions for payment) but it does translate the auto-generated fields (as shown in the example below).

How does it work?

1/ Go to the customer’s file (directory) and click edit (top right).

2/ Go to ‘Invoicing information’. Then, from the drop-down menu, set document language for the customer.

For example : Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Greek, Croatian, Hungarian, Romanian, Portuguese, Catalan, Bulgarian, Québecois.

That’s it!

Tip: Create invoicing templates in the language of your choice.

As stated in the beginning of this guide, the invoice’s user-generated text (i.e. terms & conditions for payment, the product names, etc.) won’t be translated by Axonaut. So, if you frequently invoice international clients, consider saving quote/invoice templates in multiple languages (Settings>Templates). That way, the user-generated fields with pre-fill for maximum efficiency.

If you have questions about invoicing in multiple languages or would like to consult one of our team members regarding an invoicing error, we’re here for you! Reach out at support@axonaut.com.