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How do I get my Quotes paid on Axonaut?

Do you want to have your Quotes paid directly from Axonaut? Follow our guide!

New functionality on your Axonaut account: you can now get quotes directly online!

Get my quotes paid online on Axonaut

Thanks to the new functionality, you can get your Quotes paid online! How does it work ?

1- Activate the online quote payment option

To activate the Quote line payment option on Axonaut, go to this configuration interface: Quote & Invoices!

And activate the option as below:

2- Create your quote on Axonaut

To create your Quote, you can go directly to the card of the prospect / client to whom you wish to make a Quote > in the “Quotes, Orders and Invoices in progress > Add a quote!

3- Send your Quote from your Axonaut account

Your client will access his space to view / download / pay his quote:

New automations

Thanks to this new feature, additional automations are available!

In fact, when the Quote is paid by your client:

  • An invoice will be generated with the quote information

  • An e-mail will be sent as notification, indicating the payment of the Quote and the generation of the invoice.

Here is an example of an email:

Subject: Your quote # 123 has been paid online


Your quote # 123 has been paid online: Client: Dupont Invoice: # 456 (€ 120.00)

Wishing you an excellent use, Your Axonaut customer service!

For any further questions, do not hesitate to come back to us via the live chat at the bottom right 😉