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Axonaut User Permissions Guide

Access and data-restriction management. How to attribute specific roles to different users.

When it comes to running a business, there are different roles and responsibilities. Similarly, when a new user is added to Axonaut, you must indicate which menus they can access within the platform. In Axonaut, there are 9 levels of access:

  • Admin (access to everything)

  • Sales rep (access to the business menu)

  • Sales manager (access to the business menu & business stats)

  • Ticketing

  • Expenses and suppliers

  • Project Management

  • Marketing

  • Accountant (intended for your accountant, ability to export revenue & exp. stats)

  • None (the most limited level of access. Can submit expenses, view tasks)

There are different features (and data-access) associated with each level, as indicated by the table:

Default settings

By default, there are certain menus (like timesheets, expense claims and tasks) that all user profiles can access. There are also menus that are reserved exclusively for admins by default (like revenue, expense statistics and invoices). In the case of Business stats, Admins and Sales Managers have access but Sales reps do not.

Tailored roles

Each business is unique and the roles may be delegated differently. To accommodate those differences, it is possible to grant individual users access to multiple menus as well as impose specific limitations / abilities.

(Left). Example of a user with multiple roles. (Right). Individual limitations/abilities.

Individual limitations / abilities for users include,

  • This user can not create invoices.

  • Show this user’s sale performance in charts. (*Relevant for Sales reps)

  • This user can delete company information (leads, expenses, etc.) even if they’re not an admin.

  • This user receives customer service emails.

Specific settings for sales reps

By default, Sales reps do not have access to business stats like Sales Managers. Furthermore, Admins can prevent sales reps from doing certain things, such as:

  • Seeing the leads/customers of another sales rep.

  • Changing product lists/adding additional products to preset quotes and invoices.

  • Altering the price or description of products in quotes and invoices.

Note: If admins do the invoicing in your company, we recommend checking the box Show this user’s sales performance in charts for sales reps. That way, the sales charts will reflect who actually won the contract (rather than who sent the invoice).

How to adjust access rights for an existing user in Axonaut

Note: You must be an admin.

1/ Go to Settings (top right) then select Users.

2/ Click the user’s email address to view their profile.

3/ Edit their access rights using the menus on the right.

4/ Optional: To edit advanced permissions for Sales reps, click on the link as indicated.

Updating access rights in Axonaut is designed to be simple.

And it costs nothing. So edit access and restrict as you see fit.

After all, knowing which features are going to be the most relevant for your employees depends on the unique structure of your business. If you have questions about user permissions or would like to consult one of our software experts, we’re here for you! Reach out at