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How to Add or Remove a User from your Axonaut account.

Create teams, edit permissions or restrict access.

1/ To add a new user to your Axonaut account, go to Settings (top right). Next, click ‘Users’.

2/ From the Users dashboard, select ‘Add a user’ in the top right.

3/ Enter the user’s email address. Under ‘Access rights’ determine which features the user can access in Axonaut. Finally, click Save.

Once a new user’s profile has been saved, they will automatically receive an email from Axonaut inviting them to login.

Access rights: You can grant employees access to everything (Admin), specific features within the platform (for example, “project management”) or combine access rights as you see fit. To learn more, please refer to the Axonaut User Permissions Guide.

Important: The new user’s email must not already be associated with an Axonaut account.

Pay-per-user: If your current Axonaut subscription does not include extra users, you will be asked to pay when adding a new user.

How to delete a user in Axonaut.

  • Go to the Users dashboard (Settings > Users)

  • Under Inactivate, click the Trash bin icon

    Following deletion, the user will no longer be able to access your Axonaut account. Data they created (for example, leads or new customer files) will remain. Only admins can delete users.

How to edit an existing user’s access rights.

  • Go to the Users Dashboard (Settings > Users)

  • Click on the email address of the user

  • You can now edit access rights, if you are an admin

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