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Get started with – Overview

An essential part of your daily operations, the Overview section gives you visibility on important KPIs, invoice management and more.

Overview menu Axonaut

The overview section is your hub for managing your revenue, business stats and accounting. The menu is accessible only by account administrators, to ensure your sensitive data is protected.

I- Administrative

1) Invoices to be issued

This interface allows you to easily manage, edit and issue future-dated invoices, such as those for monthly subscriptions or other recurring billings.

2) Expense reports to validate

Manage expense reports and mileage allowances for yourself and/or other employées. When managing expense and mileage allowances for employees, a notification is sent to enable validation and payment.

3) Planned expenses to validate

As with recurring invoices, you can plan expenses that will be paid in the future. Axonaut is a true management tool that allows you to monitor your cash flow in real time. You will find on this interface, the planned expenses.

II- Revenue & expense stats

This section shows you information on several important business statistics.

  • Revenue / expenses: comparison of expenses and receipts to dates

  • Expenses: Create different categories to easily see where your biggest expenses are.

  • Revenue by product / service: Similar to the expenses function, but with receipts. By categorizing your products / services, you can easily see which ones are generating the most revenue.

  • Revenue by customer: See wich categories of customer, as well as wich specific customers, generate the most revenue.

Pre-tax Incomes / Expenses table

III- Business stats

Manage your sales teams and track their performance

  • New sales by sales rep: Follow each sales rep’s performance and quantities sold, in real time

  • Sales by sales rep:

IV- Invoices

This is one of the most important sections for your daily operations. It’s where you’ll find all of your invoices, expenses, bank reconciliation and operations, as well as an electronic document management feature.

1) Sales

The sales tab houses all invoices issued to your customers. Here can:

  • Sort by specific invoices

  • Record invoice payments (partial or in full)

  • Export all or range of invoices to your preferred accounting format. Axonaut allows exports to all current accounting software including Sage, EBP, Quadratus, CEGID and more.

2) Expenses/Purchases

Manage all of your expenses here. You can:

  • Sorting by specific expense

  • Record expense payments (partial or in full)

  • Export all or a range of expenses to your preferred format. (Axonaut allows export to all existing accounting software) Sage, EBP, Quadratus, CEGID …

  • Modify an expense

3) Bank reconciliation

Connect your business bank account and benefit form secure, automated account mangement. Simply connect your bank account like this: https://axonaut.com/accounting/dashboard/9/to > Bank Reconciliation > Connect new bank

4) EDM

Last but not least, the Electronic Document Management (EDM) section stores your important documents such as tax information, etc. For added security, it’s accessible by administrators only.

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